About Us

LEPITON specializes in modern, stylish fashion for women who embrace life to the fullest. Make a fashion statement. We offer a full range of clothing and accessories. 

At LEPITON, we strive to provide you with the greatest value possible, as follows: 

  • while you visit our store, by facilitating you with a great shopping experience
  • when we deliver your purchased products, by ensuring we meet the required delivery dates
  • by providing you with quality products to meet your needs and expectations.

Our staff also are ready to address any concerns you may have with the products or services we have provided. We trust that the products in our catalog will meet your expectations. We listen to all feedback and have been adjusting our catalog accordingly. However, we also keep abreast of the latest trends in day-to-day fashion to ensure that we can continuously improve our product offering. Of course, if you have any further suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know via the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. 

Please be assured that we also have a robust logistics network to ensure that your purchased products are delivered as promised.

If this is your first visit to our store, we hope you enjoy it, and thank you in advance for your patronage. Also, if you have any suggestions during your time with us, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our contact details are available on the Contact Us page. 

Additionally, we would strongly encourage you to join our mailing list on the Home page, for new products and promotions, and to obtain a 10% discount coupon for your next visit.

If you are a returning customer, we thank you for your continued support. Our product list is updated frequently, so hopefully you will find something again that is of value to you.

Happy shopping.

Enjoy your LEPITON experience!